From July 18 to 21, 2019, China Medical Equipment Conference and Medical Equipment Exhibition 2019 was held at Suzhou International Expo Center.
With the theme of "Gathering wisdom to apply industrial innovation in safety and seek future development of medical equipment", the conference focused on the development and construction of county-level hospitals.
development and construction, attracting more than 33,000 leaders of relevant departments, well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad and related industry entrepreneurs and other professional people.
As a leading company in the field of medical magnetic resonance imaging system, Xin Gao Yi Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. exhibited with the world's first 1.5T whole body superconducting magnets without liquid helium, helping to upgrade county hospitals with cost-effective high-tech medical equipment.

In medicine, MRI devices are widely used in medical body imaging because of their high safety and fast and accurate imaging. And MRI equipment equipped with superconducting magnets not only has faster imaging speed and higher image quality, but also but also has the advantages of low scanning noise, which is the best choice of MRI equipment.

However, superconducting magnets can only be useful in MRI equipment at extremely low temperatures of nearly -269°C, most of the superconducting magnets for imaging need to operate in liquid helium environment. However, China has only 0.2% of the global helium resources, while the United States has more than 50%. Since 2007, the U.S. has restricted helium production by designating it as a strategic resource, which has led to a steady increase in global liquid helium prices. The global price of liquid helium has continued to soar. As a result, the production cost of superconducting magnets for imaging is very high, and in most cases, only tertiary hospitals or hospitals with relatively strong financial resources can produce superconducting magnets. In most cases, only relatively well-funded tertiary or private hospitals have the ability to purchase them.

And according to Mo Lei, vice president of Ningbo Gaosi Superconducting Technology Co. The bore of the 1.5T whole body cryogen-free superconducting magnet is 850mm, the magnet adopts the direct conduction cooling technology of the chiller to realize the liquid helium-free. The breakthrough has enabled the full realization of "cryogen-free"  technology for superconducting magnets.


"By eliminating the dependence on liquid helium, the overall production cost of superconducting magnets has been greatly reduced; the absence of quench piping has also significantly reduce the cost of installation and maintenance for the hospital. This will significantly reduce the cost of purchasing superconducting magnets, allowing hospitals, especially county hospitals, to buy high-performance equipment at a reasonable price." Mo Lei said.

The capacity building of county hospitals has always been one of the core tasks of national medical reform, and Xingaoyi has always regarded the majority of county hospitals as part of its core market. "Xingaoyi has always paid great attention to the research and development of products suitable for county hospitals. We hope to enable county-level hospitals to buy MRI systems with better performance and more reasonable prices, and provide hardware support for the upcoming upgrade of county-level hospitals to tertiary hospitals."

It is understood that Xingaoyi Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, and has been maintaining the cooperation between industry and academia with the University of Nottingham, Zhejiang University and other universities, and is committed to academic upgrading to drive technological upgrading and research and development of high technology content medical magnetic resonance imaging system. At present, Xingaoyi has formed more than ten products in two series of permanent magnet open magnetic resonance imaging and superconducting magnetic resonance, which are sold to more than twenty countries and regions and provide treatment for more than seven million patients.

Mo Lei said, in the future, XinGaoYi will further devote to promote the medical magnetic vibration imaging system in county hospitals and provide the grassroots hospitals with high performance and price In the future, Xin Gao Yi will further devote itself to promoting medical MRI systems in county hospitals and providing high cost cutting-edge medical equipment for primary hospitals to serve the majority of patients.