STC Cryogen-free superconducting magnet

1. 100% liquid helium free: conduction cooling, "dry" magnet, easy to use, no geographical restrictions
2. Original intelligent "sleep mode": the magnet sleeps at night, saving 1/3 power compared to conventional magnets
3. Light weight, small size, rotatable, movable: easy installation, low site requirements, no emergency helium outlet.
4. Simple operation and maintenance: remote ramping, high safety
picture 1
Rotatable superconducting magnet animation
Internal support design allows the magnet to be rotated at various angles for imaging
1.5T-850 Alpha cryogen-free quench training
Find out what is quench training
In the video there are 3 rows of long tail clips attached to the superconducting magnet cryostat (with magnetic field), after a few seconds there is a sound, which is the sound of cracking resin, and the long tail clips fall off, which means the magnetic field disappears and the magnet quenched. The magnet has no liquid helium or helium gas inside, so there is no need for any quench pipe and no internal high pressure problem, which is very safe.