STC Cryogen-free Superconducting Magnet

    1. 0% helium: Easy to use, no geographical restrictions.
    2. “Sleeping mode”: Magnet sleeps at night, saving 1/3 of the power compared with the conventional magnet. 
    3. Lighter weight, smaller size, rotatable, movable: Easy installation, no need for emergency helium exit.
    4. Simple operation and maintenance: Remote charge and discharge.  
picture 1
A training quench of STC 1.5T-850 Alpha Cryogen-free superconducting magnet
In the video, three rows of long tail clips are attached on the magnet vessel (with magnetic field). A few second later, a sound is emitted, which is the sound of resin cracking that leads to quench of the magnet. This magnet cooled to its operating temperature in less than 24 hours and was charged the target field without any cost expect time and electricity. When a liquid helium magnet quenches at a hospital, 1000-2000 litters of helium is lost (very expensive), and it would take a few days and specially trained servicemen to recharge the magnet (very expensive). Cryogen-free magnet has no liquid helium or helium gas inside, no need for any pipe and no internal high pressure problem, very safe.