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1.5T-850 Alpha whole body cryogen-free superconducting magnet
Ningbo Gaosi Superconducting Technology's Alpha magnet is the world's first whole-body cryogen-free superconducting magnet that has been successfully charged and imaged.
The magnet is now being imaged under the Green MR Serenity-1.5 MRI system of XinGaoYi Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Product Parameters
Center field:                              1.5 T
FoV:                                          450 mm
Homogeneity :                        <10 ppm
Field drift:                                <0.1 ppm/hr
Axis(Z):                                     3.80 m
Radius(R):                                 2.50 m
Room bore:                              850 mm
Length:                                     1550 mm
OD:                                           2000 mm
Weight:                                  3.5 Ton
Operating current:                   300 A 
Ramp time:                               120 min.  
Cooling sysyem:                       2X 1.5W-4K GM
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 Product Appearance
L2000mm * W1550mm * H2280mm
3.5 Ton